I still can’t get used to the time switch.  Not for a lack of sleep though certainly that is a factor but the idea that the day has rushed forward an hour and that is an hour I counted on to get things done at this end of the day..not the last part of the day, is not my cup of tea.

Just got off the treadmill and did some very light weights with both arms.  No use looking like Popeye doing one arm exercises while sparing the other arm the strain (tendinitis) so I just lowered the weight a lot instead and took a chance with both arms.

I have things to do and people to annoy as well as picking up some electronics for my oldest at Staples.  I don’t think the weather is right for landscape pictures which are my thing, so though it will go with me in case I run into a alien or something, I doubt Victoria, the camera will be fired up.  I have a picture for you today that I wish I could say I took but I did not.  It was taken by my son who does photography as a serious hobby.  This is a cull, a reject from Monday.  The Cedar Waxwings were flooding his yard and bushes. eating both from the holly and from the cedar berries on their annual migration.  I was there last year when that happened and seeing so many..scores of them all at once was glorious.  This picture is one he passed to me because it didn’t meet the standard.  He is giving me a 18-200 lens that he has long since moved past.  That will be a wonderful addition to Victoria.  She just has the kit lens that came with her, an 18-50 and that is limiting.  So soon I hope I will be able to post you some pictures that are within spitting distance of his rejects.

Thank you so much for any comments on my stairway picture.  I loved the more harsh shadows in there.  I felt like they accentuated the curves and angles that we were seeing.  I will surely go back when the lighting is right..early day or evening.  Then we will see it as most would like to see it.  Without the "sharp edges" that I allowed to be captured. I like feedback and constructive criticism.

Here is the picture I wish I had taken, but I will one day soon.