Re-think lifting even really light weights with your tendinitis arm/shoulder.  Guess what?  If you do that, you’ll set yourself back!  There is value in waiting, she said to herself when she woke this morning with shoulder pain similar to a week and a half ago. 

I have a link in, no surprise, "Links" on the left side of my blog page that is an eagle cam.  It goes to the raptor refuge in North Carolina.  In it you will see Savannah and her mate Derek.  They have a family of two eggs right now.  She is sitting on the nest a lot and Derek is sometimes seen sitting on a branch overhead and to the rear of the nest.  This is the very place that my youngest is going to end of the month.  They have several days a year they set aside for photographers.  They will let the raptors out (they have all kinds) so that you may photograph them without anything to mar the picture.  All of it is controlled of course.  The fee is $90.00, and helps the Center in their care for these raptors.  I hope he’ll give me a few of his culls.

Someone here, the President is feeling mighty fine these days!  She is ten years old and scampering like a kitten with her back arched high and playing tag, where she runs up..bats at my ankle and runs away as fast as she can..looks over her shoulder at me.  I am supposed to and I do, run after her with that feather duster like thing she loves, and say" BOO!" whereupon she runs pell -mell back down the hall to behind the recliner and looks out..ducks her head back when we make eye contact and here I come again with the feather duster thing..and off we go again. 

Speaking of her and thinking of trust, I was relating to a dear friend a while ago that at the Vet’s office, when the top came off her carroer, she hid her head under the shelter of my hand…looking to me to protect her.  While she had to be there because of her problems, still, it was hard to let her go into the clinic area with the stranger (Vet) when she was looking to me to protect her.  Its just part of being a pet owner.  Pet parent I should say. Their trust in you is amazing and you as the owner want to do all you can for their benefit.

Oh well..that’s all I have to say about that.