I was smiling having read Steve’s comment yesterday that he had to take his cat Bonnie to the Vet for her teeth cleaning.  When Miss Catt was at the Vet’s last week in the cold morning light with her mouth wide open in a big yawn..I saw her teeth in something other than household light which is low compared to that which is streaming in through big windows.  They were a little yellowed.  OH my goodness.  So the tartar control  treats I buy her is a marketing scheme after all.  What a disappointment.  Seriously.  I hoped they would help.  Actually, come to think of it, tartar is one thing..discolor is another.  So disregard that last statement.  But it reminded me of being in the BB&B in Charlotte buying things for my son’s home and for me to take home and of all things, they had (this must be the beyond part of their name)  tooth brushes and toothpaste for animals.  There was a man there choosing a new toothbrush for his cat.  I thought that was extraordinary as I assumed no self respecting cat would sit still for that.  But I suppose if you start early enough, anything is possible.  Any of you guys brush your pet’s teeth?  Do you have all of your fingers to type with or are you using your noses?  That’s what would happen here, believe you me.  I would have a nose worn to a nub by now.

It has been raining for several days off and on and will continue to do so for the next three days.  As always, rain is welcome.  I just wish it would do it at night when we are, most of us anyway, asleep. So, me and Victoria probably won’t go up (and how!) the street and take pictures.  We’ll wait a few days.  So you know what is waiting for me in there, don’t you?  For those who don’t know, and that’s everyone, it’s the treadmill.  I had breakfast late so I’m waiting for that to settle and get my first cup of coffee down.

You all have no idea of it because I don’t talk about it, but I have chronic lower back pain.  7/24/365.  I won’t let it be debilitating but it is always there.  Yesterday, I swung my legs over the bed’s edge, got off and walked to the windows to open and raise the mini blinds.  By the time I got to the kitchen to feed Mme President here and start the coffee..I realized I had no back and knee pain for the second time in seven years.  I wound up with the entire day off in a manner of speaking.  NOTHING but my shoulder hurt all day and even it got better in the late afternoon.  To me that is worthy of remark and I was so grateful. 

Have you been to see Savannah and her mate Derek yet.?  I am headed there after this to check on them and also Flo.  I have another link up for you to enjoy.  Flo is a girl cat.

Have a great day and be grateful you’re having a day at all.