We need the rain..most of the State is still in drought condition and while we started off the year gangbusters in rain..it has faded to the point that we are behind again in the official rain guages.  Sigh.  Early in the year for that and worrisome.  We are still 14 inches below in the water table from the year before last.  Last year just did not add to that deficit thank goodness. So..it is still showering after 3 days (off and on) and will continue to do so till next Tuesday.
When I went out yesterday into the gloom and rain for the blossom picture for you, I also found…guess what!?  The Pig Mobile!!  I was going to take the picture facing the back of the vehicle and realised the license plate would show, so I went to the side rather than go into my simple program Paint.Net and try to obilterate it.  Just don’t take the picture with the license plate showing is the best solution.  I was able to park right next to it (you can see my white car) and avoid walking too far in the rain with no brelly!
So here without further ado, the often asked of me question is answered!