Did you know that having a kitty in your lap, all bundled into a warm circle shape is like taking a sleeping pill? The cat looks at you with those jeweled eyes, sitting quietly, just gazing upward toward you..fixed gaze on your face, and you know he or she is asking that you make room for another up there in the chair.  It is as I have said on several occasions..the path to oblivion.  Once one of those gets on your lap..stretches and settles all comfortably with little sighs and small pushes against you with furry toes..closed eyes, loud purring..it’s all over. No use in fighting it..lay the newspaper aside and just give in to the inevitable.  Resistance is futile.  If you get little tickley kitty kisses…you may as well just call it a day for a quarter an hour or so. It does not matter how full of vigor and action you are…that all goes away and you become a boneless mass of jelly.

It is raining, dreary and dark out.  It has been raining for 7 days and nights off and on.  Tomorrow afternoon we are supposed to get several days break and then..rain and gloom again.  I had to call the company that put in my new windows as I could not seem to get one of them locked.  My fault I guess, as the top slid a little down and that made getting the bottom tightly to the sill harder to do and consequently I could not lock it. What a pain.  But he came out and showed me how to deal with it,  He wound up staying an hour.  We had a lot in common.

Has anyone ever eaten a "Tasty Kake" brand cake or pie?  I have only seen them up North and they are the best commercially made snack product I have ever had, bar none. Unfortunately there were some in Wal-Mart yesterday and though I knew I was doomed if I bought them nevertheless, I did.  Dark chocolate covered coconut cakes which were like a candy bar. Doomed. Utterly doomed. There are none left as of today and I will NOT..N-O-T buy any more.  I saw yellow cakes ones with thick icing and sprinkles with cream inside too. 

I am sure tired of this gloom.