I say about the only ones that have some talent on DWTS are Cheryl’s partner (I can’t get his name straight) Denise Richards, Shawn Johnson, Melissa from The Bachelor and Kim. Even though they gave Shawn good marks for her salsa, she looked stiff and awkward. Everyone else looked that way too, men and women except Melissa. She and Kim are the only one who shook her shamrocks. I thought poor ol’ Wozniack deserved more for his effort.  That wasn’t too too bad.  As far as I’m concerned, other than the ones mentioned, the rest can go on home.  Ty, Jewel’s husband, did better and I forgot to mention it.  Last week he looked like a coat hanger being steered around.  This time he put some effort into it..not too bad.  I am grateful Bruno wasn’t as horribly brutal as he was last week.


The sun came out about 1730 last evening.  I got a couple of pictures in.  Today it is sunny just as they said it would be.  I’ll get on the treadmill, clean up and go out.

These are the dissipating rain and gloom clouds last evening.


I saw that the rose bushes were starting their new red growth.  I love that promise of roses to come.