I went to Wal-Mart for a few things and passed by the place where towels and slipcovers are.  I need new slipcovers as I use them to keep fur’n’claws off the furniture.  If I can get canvas or cotton duck fabric, that’s ideal as she doesn’t feel the need to scratch it.  I finally found some (want to buy locally so I won’t have to pay exorbitant S&H) Meanwhile I bought a couch cover (I haven’t broken it out yet as someone will be here shortly). BUT as I was checking the sales slip, I did notice she had charged me 60 dollars 2 times but did void the second one.  However. the 70 dollars for the recliner cover made me do a double check.  Yes, 70 dollars. Ten dollars more than the sofa.  Oooookay. That sent me back in for a price check.  I was certain it was wrong but it was not.  70 dollars for something significantly smaller than the sofa.  I just turned  that bad boy back in.  Got my money back. 

There is a wee beauty on my lap.  Just crawled up here.

 Who’s coming over has a Harley.  I bet I will be gone soon with my now too short hair barely making a ruffle in the breeze.  Wind. It is a beautiful day for it and I think I have my helmet still.  Better be looking, don’t you think?

I decided to wait till later in the afternoon for pictures as there was too much to do this morning to go out till 1100.  As the light is very harsh now, I will stand by.  If I get to have time to do that.

Last night..there are only 4 that can stay in my opinion, on DWTS.  Same as I said yesterday. The rest…go on home.  I’m glad Wozniak got to stay another week.  he worked hard and he did better and..he enjoyed himself. The one that went home..I can stand on the dance floor too and look nice..moving occasionally if they’ll take me this late in the game.  She needed to go.  Shawn needs to loosen up.  She moves like a jointed mannequin.  Sorry.

OK  Company here soon.  See ya later.  Been to see some of you already.