I pay whatever dollars per month for digital phone service with my ISP.  I am getting not a lot of service from the phone.  Yesterday was the 5th time I have called..the 5th time they came out and the 5th time they told me it is something they are chasing down but it’s so fleeting they can’t get out to the node or whatever when it happens.  Well, it happens to me multiple times.  It’s very embarrassing too when professionals think you hung up on them.  Friends don’t like it either. 

I told the technicians each one and customer service that I am not getting what I paid for and they need to git ‘er done..like three months ago.  I mentioned to Customer Servive that this is forcing me to use a LOT of my cell phone minutes.  I am going to ask for them to drop my rate if this time didn’t do it for the problem.  It is interference, by the way..and so this time he climbed the pole and changed out the drop line.  There was a wee bit of water in the line too, he said..and that may have made a problem.  But now the cable is new (drop line) and we start all over again. 

If nothing else I am tired of being trapped here for the 3 hour window they have to show up.  Over and over and over.  However, be assured I am not trying to kill the messenger and I am very nice when the techs get here and nice to CS when I have to call.  But I was more matter of fact on tone yesterday.

Moving on, I went to Home Depot and got some Lavender..just one little peat pot of it untill I can see how that works for me, and some mint.  I also bought a small planting shovel instead of that monstrosity that is bigger than Iam that I try and fail to use. That thing is for a big boy, not a 5’2" woman.

OH RATS!  I meant to look for a new leaf blower.  Grrr.

Went to the marina as I was in a hurry and spent a little bit of time..15-20 minutes chasing the duckies and geese.  Some silly kids were at the dock area ..oh..8 years old or so, acting silly and trying to and succeeding in scaring the water fowl.  So it wasn’t easy today.  I did find a mated pair of Muskovi’s. 

Little Miss is being a clinging vine these last few days but I know she is feeling good.  I’m not concerned about the stick- to- itivness. (I made that up as you can see).

The day started off like gang busters..all sunny and bright.  It started clouding over at noon and now, it’s clabbered up enough to rain if it feels like it.  Oh, and oldest was to have come over tomorrow however he has sent his excuses to me and Miss Catt saying perhaps next weekend.  I had not planned the evening meal yet.  Guess I won’t.  Unless one of you wants to show up in his stead? Standing by for an RSVP.