My other patch of daffodils bloomed yesterday and their heads are hanging because it got to 32 last night.  Poor guys.  It kills me when the sun and warmth brings the flowers out and then..bam!  kills them or maims them with cold.  We will be even at a lower temperature tonight.
I seem to have a thing for smoked almonds.  I can’t trust myself to buy them any more.  An entire can gone after 3 days.  No peanut, almond or can of mixed nuts is safe in my supposed care.  I don’t eat chips etc but salted alive. 
So far the phone is working.  But then, it had it’s working times all along.  I was on the phone a good deal last evening and no one said it had dropped out on them, so, time will tell me if I have to call the 6th time or not.
I have had a few takers for supper tonight.,  Jo Ann was being cautious though and wanted to know what I was having.  The very idea!  I should have told her fried liver and onions and brussel sprouts.  (I love brussel sprouts but not liver) Nope, you sit at the table, you get what I make.  But you may remember he never had anything that wasn’t good. If you stay the night, you’ll get his breakfast would-have-been too.  Eggs, bacon, potatoes, coffee and biscuits.  Reservations at my 800 number  What is the 800 number?  Goodness, I’d better get one.
Have to weed one end of the azalea bed today.  And another swipe at the upper bed (where the flower pics have been coming from).  I need 3 azaleas that are dead, removed.  I can probably get them out but getting 3 others planted is unlikel due to my back and too much bending.  Don’t know anyone to ask.  So I guess there won’t be any new ones till maybe a boy shows up and then only if they are amenable.
Got to talk to my brother last night for at least an hour.  I so enjoy talking to him and it’s even better when I get to see him.  He’s 7 hrs away though.  I was trying to persuade him and my SIL to come on here.  They can have my bed, I’ll sleep in the spare room and it won’t cost ’em a thing but gas money. I threw in that we could sit out in the deck, watch the wild animals pass mosquitoes, count fireflies and be hot and humid supping on warmish tea. where the ice is all melted. That ought to up the ante! 
Have to get a move on.  You get one on too. Get up and away from the keyboard and get outside.  It’ll do you good besides help you.