Honey, I’m home!  I quit dilly dallying and headed up the hills.  After the first one, it got easy but I always regret the trip for the first couple of minutes.  Knowing that, I soldier on.


There was not much to see insofar as pretty Spring things are concerned.  I did however, take you a now familiar scene from previous Springs and Fall’s, of part of the street where I was headed.  You can see the "fuzz" of the trees starting their leaf buds and you can see the pear trees blooming.  The Dogwoods are still in tightly furled little knots.  They won’t start opening  and flowering for a few more weeks. 

Then, as I got farther along one of my favorite magnolias asked me to stop and admire. Being an amenable soul, I did.  After a short quizzing by me as to when I might see pods and then blooms, I was shown this among many, clusters with a new bud pod forming.  That was a very welcome sight and something wonderful to look forward to.  These guys are my buddy’s and as I pass by all these years, I greet them.  They greet me too.  It isn’t a one way street.  No, not verbally but with beauty and a certain savoir faire!


I have been out to clean the big picture windows inside and out.  I have the rest of them to do but I also have places to go to so I am out of here for awhile. 

Have a good day, tell someone you love them.