Ran out of titles for now.

It is a glorious day.  I have my pillow out there in the cold sunshine so I can have some fresh fragrance when I go to bed tonight.  Supposed to get up to 67 or so today.  I have places to go again and people to annoy so I will be out there in it. 

Guess what?  Give up?  This computer is just months old and already three letters are wearing off.  Half of the letter N is gone, the bottom of the L and the right bottom of the H.  My son was here and reckoned and I think correctly, that it’s my fingernails scraping off the paint or whatever it is they have on here.  I have since shortened them more..they never were dramatic, and I am trying to remember to use the pads of my fingers.  It takes a man to just cut to the heart of the problem many times.  Here I was wondering..is it my hand soap?  (I never use lotions on my hands..or rarely) Is it this or that..never once thinking "fingernails, dummy"! So hopefully I will have stopped the wearing off of my lettering.  What a pain though.  I know this might bring some of the blog family saying they have long nails and no problem.  But I must type unknowingly with my nail tips.  Dunno. Whatever it is, it’s destructive to the keyboard so I am trying to change my habits.

I am about done with flower pics from my flowers here.  I think I went into overload.  I love my new lens.  That becomes pretty obvious I think from all the flowers.  Maybe I can amp it up a little on down the road.  One of my friends said yesterday that she had seen me out looking up into a tree.  I said yes, I was contemplating a photo.

The Tulip poplars (I posted a picture several days ago) are gorgeous but they are rapidly dropping their blossoms.  They have a short blooming period as do the Dogwoods.  You have to enjoy them while you can.

Have to get ready now for the day.  No face, no hair..that makes me pretty anonymous. 

See you later..that’ll be me you see alongside the street or road or worse still, IN the road, peering up at the clouds/birds/trees/small animals with Victoria and her newest lens..hoping for a picture.

P.S.   I see I have some MAC users who visited!  I love MAC’s..so glad one wrote to me.  🙂