There seems to be a clabbered up sky out there.  I was walking through the house a few minutes ago, stopped by the TV, and the weather man said mostly cloudy skies today, some sun, and 72 degrees. 

I took the camera/web feed from Savannah’s nest in North Carolina down from my links yesterday as she had to give up after close to 80 days on her egg(s).  It had snowed in Charlotte in early March, and Savannah tried hard but couldn’t keep her remaining egg warm enough.  She didn’t know that, and so she brooded the egg all the way up to about the 15th of March.  She was a good mama.  They examined her egg after she was finished, and the eaglet had stopped developing after the snow fall.  So they came to the conclusion I just mentioned above.  They said words similar to this, that she is "occupying herself with gathers sticks and other nesting material" and making the beginnings of a nest.  Bless her heart.  I will keep my eye peeled in case she and her mate Derek start another family.

I am in no way ready for the day insofar as my dress and face etc are concerned.  I am dressed of course but that’s it. Busy.

Thank you for looking at my flowering bulbs.  I seem to have been focused on those as I mentioned yesterday.  I posted some to the albums yesterday and OH I wish I had been ready for the waves of Cedar Waxwings that flew in yesterday.  I don’t have berries, cedar and holly etc that they like but I did have a bird watering station and they were just clustered all over it..bathing, drinking and having a good time.  I had to go refill and keep an eye on it.  Poor birds need water as much as food.  Hopefully everyone provides water for their beautiful friends too?  Cedar Waxwings (I had a photo in the blog last week I think it was) and so very beautiful.  Their feathers are so finely made and close together that you really can’t see feather definition on them at all.  They look as though they were made from a sheet of satin and highly polished satin too (not that there is such a thing as polished satin) but they are just beyond perfection.  They look unreal. 

The hummingbirds are coming.  One of my sons, the one over the Mountains, has enjoyed a feature in his local newscast that gives a Hummingbird  watch.  They were in Georgia last Saturday…so they are coming!  I will put out feeders for them about the 10th of April.  My girl hummingbirds will be here first.  the males a few days later.  I can’t wait!!!

Here is a goldfinch from yesterday.  I don’t care to present feeder pictures usually but he allowed me to come right up to him.  I had to do it even though it was taken so quickly it is not clear.  i was afraid he would fly away so I didn’t take time to set up.  I had gone out to take a picture of the pink and white daffodils (in an album) so..I wasn’t expecting this treat.