As far as DWTS is concerned…Gilles and Cheryl are THE ones with Lil Kim right there with them and while Melissa and Shawn are good..those are the top two in my opinion.  I also don’t think Steve Wozniak deserved the really bad verbal judgment or the horrifically low scores though he needs to go as he is hurt and not likely to do any better.  Steve O..well, he’s also injured and not likely to do better.  Even though those were  costumes for him the past several weeks, it is an actual relief to me to see him looking normal. And Holly?  Good bye. Please.  At least we won’t (nor her pro with her) have to hear the incessant whining and complaining.

This is our last good day.  Beth Marie is seeing to it that the cold front sweeping through their area in Illinois will be coming straight toward us here to her south east.  And when it gets here we will have rain, wind, etc for several days thru the weekend.  That is not welcome for several reasons though as always, we need the rain. Beth, please change your mind. I got stuff to do over the weekend!! I thought we are fellow Librans!  That’s no way to treat another Libran when we have the same birthday!  (me and Beth were both born on the 25th of September)

I see the secret is out.  Everyone sees I love nature and birds.  .  The season just begs to be celebrated though. I haven’t been out as yet and I haven’t been on the treadmill yet either as a dear friend called and needed me to listen for a while.  So I think I will head out with Victoria.  Maybe we can go to a park and do some serious walking/trotting/picture taking.

Other than that, nothing to say.  Hope your day goes well.  I have been around some already.