It’s raining (which we do need) and will continue to do such for days.  ‘Nuff sed.

Miss Catt begs to tell you (I feel a claw pointed at me so I have to tell you) that her fur is inches long.  About 4 inches at least and she had it extended outward and her robes opened so that she could feel the heat of the sunshine on her skin.  She said if she had known I was going to take an unflattering picture of her, I should have also included one of her with her furry robes smoothed down.  I told her I would. ( but I failed to tell her those pictures are already here in an album or ten in my picture albums here on the blog.  Heaven knows her pretty self is in several of those albums).

I wish Denise and Holly both had been booted last night on DWTS.  The two worst whiners in the world, but Holly is worse with whining and additionally, cursing, than Denise who has remained upbeat mostly and acted like a lady.  At least there are no bleeped sections on Denise’s dancing practices.  I was glad Wozniak made it in a way, showed the judges!! but the poor guy can’t keep up.  The judges were not happy as we could see when the cameras cut to them when they announced he was saved.  Where was all of that criricism and cutting remarks when Cloris Leachman was on making an "a scribble scribble" out of herself?  But they sure blast Wozniak.  I don’t like that.

Want something fun to do?  I made my first run on this last night after 2300 and while it wasn’t failing, I was not pleased that I only got a score of 78.  Some of this is hard to place as you will see.  It is a map of the US but…it is a puzzle and it’s up to you to put the States where they belong.  One of my worst misses was Iowa.  Even now, I would make a mistake as I still haven’t a clue  where it is despite having to move it to its proper place.  Tell me how you do.


I’m back in long sleeves..the heat has been on several times..Missy’s fur is cool to the touch and so is mine.  We don’t like temperature seesaws.

Me and Victoria did no good whatsoever.  We went to get the car washed..cruised around and saw nothing that appealed so we came home.  I put her away until she came out for Miss March in there, sunning herself.

I installed another Java that was ready and the stupid thing gave ma a Yahoo toolbar.  I do NOT LIKE toolbars and especially ones I had no idea were going to insrall.  Now I have to google to see how to get rid of the thing! 

OK.  Whew.  Blog over.