If you have a herd of three kids to manage getting in and out of the car and driving down the road in some sort of harmony or at least not too much dissonance, how do you do it as a Mom?  Well. most everyone reading this knows.  It takes multi -tasking and it takes some innovative ways to deal with sneaky crabby little boys too.

There was a time of course when all three were in car seats in the back of the Ford we had at the time.  All lined up in a row.  All smacking one another except for the baby..he didn’t, nor did he get smacked.  I’ll give the other two that much credit.  But moving along a year or so, we fast forward to no car seats (wasn’t the law then) and all three making it miserable on one another and me. 

There would be this plaintive moan "He’s looking at me!!"  Another aggrieved boy would say " He’s looking at ME!!!"  The third one would chime in with a smack to the one next to him and say "STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!".  I, on the other hand, would be trying to drive down the road while keeping the eyes that we moms have in the backs of our heads, trained on the three stooges back there in the back seat.  Two blonde boys and one auburn haired one like me.  I would lace those looks with pithy comments to them  such as "Keep your hands to yourselves" &   "Eyes front!"  That worked for about 50 feet worth of pavement rolling on down the street and the whole thing would start again.  "He’s looking at me!"  "Mama, he’s looking at ME!"  Sigh.  So helplessly holding to the steering wheel..2 eyes focused back in the back seat…two eyes focused on the road ahead I would wait till we got to our destination.  Then, after we did our shopping, stowed the stroller for the baby..buckled everyone in,  I would make it a rule to: " Sit on your hands..all three of you".  When everyone was sitting on their hands..the next edict issued from my mouth.  "Look straight ahead..no one will turn their heads toward their brothers.  First one that does will get a smack from ME if I hear "he’s looking at me!"!"

Rolling down the road..hands continued to be sat upon..no little boy smacks exchanged.  Glancing back, I could see eyes on each boy rolled tightly left or tightly right as the occasion demanded, while the little guys kept their faces forward alright, just as mommy had said, but she didn’t say anything about cutting their eyes toward one another and thereby "looking at me!!!".  Sigh.  They were usually a step ahead of me.  And frankly it was funny!  I had to contain any smiles and not laugh out loud of course until they weren’t around and I told my friends or their dad when I got home.  Those eyes were rolling like marbles on a table top in their effort to continue to aggravate one another and look at one another..hoping to provoke that fateful " He’s looking at me!"

What brought this memory on?  A blog family member has a new baby..and she will be going through this soon.  I will love every word if she blogs about it.

PS I posted my computer surroundings already and they are in a little album up there in Photos.