Dear Phone Service provider indeed.  Last night while making a business call..of course right AT the important part, the phone went dead.  I made the 6th official call to my provider rather late.  I was steamed!  Here I had been going along for several days with no problems after the last technician changed the drop line and re-did the wiring.  I asked for a supervisor to call.  He just did.  What do you know..the phone stayed calm and connected!!!

I finished by telling the supervisor that I have used a LOT of my cell phone minutes because of this.  I always have to re-call the folks, apologize and hope they are convinced that I did not hang up on them.  And all that is on my cell phone of course.  This is for business contacts, friends and of course family.  I brought that up and that my introductory rate was soon to expire and I’m not getting the use from my land line..and so would they extend that or make some adjustment.  But most of all, please!   FIX the PROBLEM, PLEASE!

OK.  ‘Nuff sed about that.

It is still raining hard and since I am on the highest point in town, no concerns up here about flooding.  The rain will continue for the entire weekend as well.  It does get old.

Miss Catt has disappeared under a bed since her failed attempt to get me to play at an inopportune time early this morning.  I wish we all of us could settle our problems so nicely..a nap.  In our case, a nap IN the bed, not under it but…whatever works.

I am dressed, presentable and about to head out into the wind and rain.  After all, everyone needs an opportunity to see me. so I need to get out there so they can.

Paul, of the blog family sent me this.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.   My little Admiral, Miss Catt.  (she is, you know..and in the service of a Queen elsewhere)