Once upon a time, a woman went to a Land not too awfully far away, and she left her little purrson all alone but for someone to look after her once a day and see to her safety and comfort.

The days grew long for the little one, and the nights were fearsome and seemed endless because there was no one to stand between the littlest member of the family and the scary loud noises and flashes of light outside her world.  And who would warm her fur and her little pink toe pads if there was no one here to lie up against?  How could she get through endless hour after hour with no one to play with her and roll her little jingle ball to her…to get out the fishing rod with the denim "fish" on the end and make her run through the house like a small puff of wind?  How could she get her tiny sip of milk once a day of her faithful attendant was gone? (How many conversations can you have anyway, with dust motes floating in the sun beams)?

All that ended however and I have had a warm little fur ball wrapped around my legs, arms, and many kisses on my hands.  Tonight I imagine I will be locked down on that bed with a nine and a half pound purring cat laid across my head and neck for the whole night.  Vengeance.  HER vengeance.

I had a wonderful fun time.  It was two of us who went..me and another son, and though it rained every inch of the way, and rained the entire time we were there and rained HERE again soon as we got into TN.  we had a super time.  My son N. did go to the Raptor Center though it was raining, they did not cancel the event and so he did get some photos of the raptors.  Not all of them.  He missed the eagles as they were the first ones out.  He was there too late.  But he will have some wonderful pictures to enjoy.  Me..I went around all over Charlotte with the other son and had a wonderful thoroughly wet time.

To those who asked about telling my ISP that I could take my business elsewhere..I can’t.  No DSL here.  No other cable company either.  It’s who I have or nothing.  .  However, the agreed to credit me $60.00 for lost landline time.  I doubt seriously that this is over. 

I have missed all of you and thank you for stopping by while I was gone.  I will be slow in getting around but I will get there.  Here is the parking lot on I-485 Friday night.  It could have been worse as we were on the leading edge at the beginning.