I have been out getting some things accomplished and I have to go yet again in a little while.

 I did come back home with just a few things.  Those are set away and I must say that my son was the only one coming away with pictures.  It rained to beat the band, but he went to the Raptor Center and got to photograph whichever ones they brought out for about an hour and a half.  His camera and the lenses he brought are good for about a quarter inch of rain fall.

I have cooked the hummingbirds some nectar.  I decided to put it out a week ahead of time.  It’s easy to change the nectar in a few days and just in case they show up early, I want to be ready. If you do as I do and cook for your hummingbirds, please use 1 cup of sugar and 4 cups of water.  Stir, bring to a boil and remove from the heat until cooled.  Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.  Use as needed.  Please never ever ever use honey or artificial sweeteners.  You will harm the birds if you do.   Use granulated white sugar.  The bringing the nectar to a boil is to help it stay as bacteria free as possible.  Please change the nectar every week or even more often when the weather is hot.  It will sour or form mold if you don’t.

I had to lay in several cases of Miss Catt’s favorite Fancy Feast, as her preferred flavor, hearts and livers, seem only be in one store.  And they were out. But she had me stock up while in Charlotte.  Good thing her main diet is dry Science Diet.

Here is my picture of the day.  I was hoping the tulips would open up but they are still furled so..I found another friendly face for us.