I was fortunate in that the grass was cut yesterday and I got to breathe in the exquisite and heady perfume of the cut grass for several hours afterward.  So promising..Spring will finish springing and Summer will be here with its wilting heat and humidity soon enough.  Enjoy what we have at the moment, do not strain toward the next event remembering to do that every day because to do otherwise is wishing away your life. 


I thought I might re-post for computer surroundings week.  I got ahead of myself last Friday.  Here is my lair.



I don’t have a "center position" for picture posting in my Live Writer, so unfortunately, the photos will be either left or right.  Sigh.  May as well keep them in a row or maybe I will put one on the other side.


I have the older son here this weekend.  What to eat..what to eat?  Casserole is easier.  Hard to say. Have to plan. Dessert?  Thoughts on that?


For last night’s viewing..Gilles and Kim and Melissa are the only contenders.  The rest..buh bye.


This photo is over exposed..I finally got the message on that and timing when I take the pictures, but here is an open tulip.  I was impatient and found that in the afternoon, they opened. Goodness..I am not up on some things.  I thought they would be in full sway early.  Nope.


Have a happy day..here’s a cyber hug!  (((HUG)))