No one wants to do living rooms as an event so that we can all of us see one another’s living rooms.  Yer all a buncha wet blankets.  With cat fur on ’em!! See if *I* care.

Anyhoo, I am stalling (naturally) before I get up on the treadmill.  I would rather crawl on ground glass just about.  Not in the mood for the treadmill but I have to do it.  Maybe the rain will finally quit today and I can get outside as well.  me and the camera. I’m supposed to go to lunch today but I think I will cancel.  I have too much to do.  I just looked out.  It is not raining!  AND…I can see green "fuzz" where the leaf buds are starting to unfurl. That will be a  bunch of leaves if any of you remember the videos of my surroundings here at the house.

I am still deciding what to make Friday evening but other than that, nothing to report whatsoever. Except:  I won the 365 photo contest though.  That’s wonderful to me and I was so excited I wrote everyone I knew!!!  I won a book by Ansel Adams on photographic techniques and man, I can sure use that!!!  The theme for March was to take a picture that required an explanation.  Thank you Jim

OK.  You know what awaits.  I already have the iPod fired up.

P.S.  I just finished the treadmill and while there I got to thinking.  The whopping tax they put on cigarettes is another discrimination against smokers.  If  the U,S. is going to tax cigarettes like that ("persuade people to quit"..suuuuuure!  I believe that) then why not add an equally onerous tax to all forms of liquor.  Why not?  Maybe the U.S. can persuade drinkers to quit too if they tax them enough and if you remove all the bathtubs and large containers from homes so they can’t make it themselves.  Point is, be fair.  Next, they’ll start taxing folks for being overweight.  By the way, I neither smoke nor drink.  What a dull person I must be, huh?  So it’s not a personal issue as much as a fairness issue.  That tax stinks and it is not fair.  End of rant.