Guys, I have meant to try to get a picture of this and mention it to you for some time now.  Just this time as I was hurtling along the Interstate in Henderson or thereabouts, North Carolina, I had someone with me to take the photo.  Excuse the blur.  I find it fascinating about the Eastern Continental Divide as there I am, passing right over it!  That’s so cool.  There are other Divides as well.  Now here is your reference for the Continental Divides of America so you can get caught up with where they are located. Yes, that was fun for me and I am also one who loves going and standing where Central Time and Eastern Standard time zones demarcation is. The "line" is shown with signage from the D.O.T.  Like any other dummy, I have gotten out of the car and stood there along with the kids, heralding loudly that I am standing in, for instance, 1000 now..and, stepping an inch over… 1100 now!  Doesn’t take much to entertain me apparently.

Then, after thrilling to  crossing the Continental Divide.. we stopped off to visit Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman.  Always a pleasure, especially since he has a cell phone on his Utility belt nowadays and he isn’t always as often outside looking at the sky for the Bat Signal as much as he was.  Man, it got hot having to join him outside so often , and we were bitten by mosquitoes..never mind having to deal with Robin showing off out there.  One thing that amazed me though and I could never get Mr. Wayne to fully explain why on earth he allowed these signs to be put up!  Maybe he thought The Riddler and the Joker pretty much knew where he was anyway, and too, it’s probably safe to say the tours of the Bat Cave and the 25 cents each person for sliding down the Bat Pole, help with the upkeep of the cave and mansion these days and times. 

Hard times are here for everyone, sad to say.  He has to be enterprising.