Meatloaf that is.  I decided on that along with cheesy rice and broccoli, corn bread and cold peaches for dessert.  I put the meatloaf in (I like them with a tomatoey flavor..not brown ones) about half an hour ago.  That may keep me off the treadmill, right?  Can’t be up there and the timer going off and goodness sakes, the meatloaf shriveling and drying in the oven…right?  So I need to wait..don’t you think?  Huh?  I can’t hear you. 
The wind is blowing so hard the entire house could set sail.  It rained through the night and is supposed to be better today with some sun.  Can’t prove that by me.  Better than snow though.  My new Japanese maple is leafing out quite well after over – wintering.  It was bought by me last October.  I am concerned with the predicted 32 degrees the next several nights.  The plants, flowering ones can take just so much and they throw up their hands! So, hopefully it won;t get that cold.  The Japanese maple’s tag said 20 some degrees would be sustainable.
Here is a link for you.  I hope it works.  It is a form for use when you spot your first hummingbird.  It is for Ruby Throat hummingbirds only.  AND I have been making a mistake and reporting the females when they show up because they are always the first.  The males show up several days later.  The form plainly says males.  No idea why.  Regardless, look at the form and the site and enjoy. 
Miss Pout is in there under the bed without even giving me a chance to play.  She usually asks to play at inconvenient times, such as the middle of the night occasionally or when I am trying to have breakfast or check email or get dressed or shower.  If I don’t drop everything..ta dahhhh…she goes and gets under the bed!  That’s supposed to make me feel guilty works.  Sometimes— and  for a minute or two. 
I’m glad you liked my blog yesterday.  It is neat to know the meaning of some of the signage on the roads.  And I am glad I am not the only nut to get out and stand in two States…two differing time lines, i.e. central and Eastern Standard..three States once!!! and of course, the Continental drain systems!
 A little girl I am so looking forward to seeing again.  This girly is from last summer. 
Oh, I can smell the meatloaf.  Scrumptious.  Most of you seemed to like the brown ones better than my tomatoey ones I found when asked for my recipe.  So, I won;t ask anyone over then.
He’s having biscuits, eggs and bacon and coffee in the morning though.  Just walk in..the door will be open.