Headed off with oldest to:  The Big City!  Be back after a while.  This is the last beautiful day (1 of 2) as rain again starts tomorrow evening. 

I have an actual real poll I would like to take.  Pretty please..answer.  I will get to see you later today but if you see this before I do, please let me know what you think.


Cake type or fudge (moist) type?

Walnuts in them or not?

Chocolate or other?  If you don’t answer anything else, tell me cake or moist please.

This Horatio Hornblower that lives here, otherwise known as Miss Catt, is getting very close to the line!  That thing came in honking and snorting at 4, then 5 in the morning.  At 6, she renewed her efforts to roust me up and drove me nuts and the oldest son too had a  lesson in how tenacious she can be.  I really will have to keep my oft said threat of locking her in the living room at night.  That’ll show her.

I got to remembering something about diva hair yesterday after I read Beth Marie’s blog where she mentioned the gel that armored her hair against the wind.  She was kidding of course and had just come from the Salon.  That triggered a memory of me at 13.  I was sooooo impressed to be asked to take a ride in Kenny’s Ford convertible.  Top DOWN.  Oh wow!  Like, I had never ever been in one so I was thrilled, plus..I had a super big crush on him.  Worse news was, he was 18 to my 13.  Daddy never knew nor did the ever knowledgeable brothers I have mentioned I have.

Meanwhile, here we are in the convertible..rocketing along the road.  My hair was blowing of course..straight out.  Well, I wanted to look good for Kenny so I came loaded with bobby pins.  Like the dummy I was..(oh, if we only knew how to behave with some dignity and self awareness of the right kind)…I began plastering my wildly blowing, streaming red hair down with fully, 50-60 bobby pins.  He said how silly I looked..I got my feelings hurt as I was just trying to look great for HIM after all.  He never asked me out again (just as well..I was sooo in love) and I presume he found someone his age or at least someone who could act the part.    Between that silly behavior and that air gurgle I made that I blogged about a few months ago regarding that boy I was crushing on  around the age of 9..I just didn’t have much luck, did I in the femme fatale thing.

PLEASE remember my poll…please please please??? Please???