It’s gonna snow tonight and probably tomorrow.  Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am going to have to find a way to protect my newly leafed out young Japanese maple.  There go the tulips and other flowering bulbs.  The pansies will survive.  The newly budding azaleas and my infant dogwoods…who knows?  The peach trees are blossoming too. 

I had some picture taking failures late yesterday.  I am still learning camera aperture and I was forced to try on camera shutter speed too.  Dummy me.  When I chose the topic for this month, motion, I wish I had given some thought to my total inability/lack of knowledge to do motion exposures.  I have some dismal failures on the memory card. I’ll keep plugging away and I have already mentioned in an email to the group founder/leader that I will be late posting in this month’s topic. 

Yesterday it got up to 79.  Snow tonight.  Yes, I keep hammering on about it.  I had the windows open and the fresh air smell in the house was just the stuff of good sleep and dreams along with my sun freshened pillow. However..good thing the pillows were out there.  they ain’t going to get to go for the rest of the week.

The middle son will be here Wednesday for his Spring break.. well, a couple of days of it.  I am going to get out the recipe book and plan a few menus later today. 

Thank you so much for the comments on the past two pictures I have posted.  Those were, as mentioned, taken with a borrowed lens so until and if I can afford one of those myself, I won’t be able to take any more like that.  I can post a few more that I took that same day (last Saturday) but sadly, no more macros of that quality (the lens makes the quality, not me, myself or I)

Meanwhile, you-know-what is in the waiting and me still in jammies.  Oh and fudgey brownies were the winner, about half and half wanted walnut with them.  Only a couple said cake-like brownies.  Clear winner was the moist brownies.