Hm.  Not one of my better days. But tomorrow will be here and then, maybe it will be better.

I have been getting ready to see one of my sons and grandson tomorrow.  Looking forward to that and I have already started cooking.

It sleeted last night..and the flurries were heavy today so far,  Tonight is THE night for below freezing.  So I will try to protect the Japanese Maple.  The poor tulips haven’t that much longer to go anyway, bless them.  I was standing down wind of them Saturday when it was 79 out there and the wind was blowing.  I never knew how fragrant they are until then.  It was as though the air was awash with delicate fragrance.

On DWTS..same three couples as far as I am concerned.  I am hoping for Gilles to win.  If not, then Lil Kim. Shawn is good but too stiff still.
I have never see anyone I enjoyed more though than  the speed skater, Apolo Ohno.  He and Julienne are unbeatable to the present moment in the series as far as I am concerned. The choreography for certain..the choices of music superb! The dancing..unbeatable.

It is so cold and windy with the flurries I still have not been out to try my hand yet again with the panning or stop motion shot.  I am woefully inadequate at my own chosen topic.

Under the "you gotta watch ’em" category, I went to pick up one 18k and 1 14k gold chain that was in to be repaired.  The 14k was better.  The 18k was not repaired on both ends that I could see.  It was sawing my neck in two, which is why I had it in there for repair.  The two end pieces where the clasp(s) is/are were breaking a little out of their herringbone weave.  Both ends were to be cut off and re-attached.  Did not happen.  I handed it right back.  But I could have paid and left the store to have to come back mad.  This way, I still have to go back when it is repaired but I am not mad. 

I hope all you blog family are well and happy today.  May the day be productive and make you feel your work was well done and satisfying.