I guess it was last year along Spring time when I had to call the plumber because of a  commode that did not flush well.  When he got here, he asked if anyone used premium toilet paper here and by the way, how about the Cotton*elle-like towelettes.  He saw both in there so he knew the answer. He was just using that as an opening I suppose.  After an affirmative answer (I know, probably TMI here but when do I usually do that?  Hardly ever).  So, on with the convo.  He said both were the problem as the moist towelettes never dissolve even after being in the sewer system a while, and the premium brand TP is so thick and dense it too is at the least, slow dissolving.

I needed the Roter Rooter and after we got that solved, I gave my premium TP to a family member and started with the paper thin (sigh!) Scott TP which dissolves while you are still unrolling it BUT at least it doesn’t clog yon terlit. So what led to this fascinating discussion is I read about both in this month’s Co-ns-mer Re-orts.  What the plumber said is totally accurate.  So beware if you are using those two or even one of the two.  Your time WILL be coming sooner or later when you have to pick up that phone can call for the Roter Rooter man. My unknowing mistake cost me a lot in plumbing bills.  I was lucky to find a new plumber (other was unavailable) who told me the real reason I was having a problem.  Mr. Hay***, I believe I’m in love. Now that’s a plumber..helpful in info as well as work.

Several of the blog family didn’t seem to like Ben Bolt very much yesterday. But I find it a wonderful study of the day/time it was written.  That was written in the mode of much of the romantic poetry though certainly not all.  I found it riveting when I first came across it perhaps 8 or 9 years ago.  It was a midnight shift and for once nothing was going on and I was looking through one of my score of periodicals.  There it was, the first verse in that case, printed out as a forerunner of an article.  I tore it out, and when I got up later the following afternoon, I went to research it and get the whole poem.  Love it.

Today is the day…the joint’ll be rocking from this afternoon onward thru the weekend.  Gentlewomen, man(er..woman!) your kitchens!