I am missing my blog family but I am also happily covered up with everyone here.  I know you understand why I haven’t been visiting and I want to say thank you so much for looking at the two pictures of my little feller here.  The youngest is coming over..the middle is already here and we’re meeting up with the oldest later.  I truly appreciate your coming by to see us and I’ll be back around soon to see you all.  I have been able to get a few here and there.  Other folks on the computer too.  Yesterday we left at 1000 or so and didn’t get home till reallllly late.  He was driving and there was some car trouble that kept us at the repair place from 1330 till 1810.  Then, we stopped to eat instead of coming back here and cooking..then..whew!

Can anyone tell me what’s gnawing on the bird house entry way?  Seriously.