Happy Easter dear blog family friends.  Today is a most glorious day for He is Risen.  Hallelujah.
It is a beautiful sunny day and the weather will be mild all day long.  That gives the family who just left a lovely traveling day.  This time I especially miss them.  I always do but it is more acute today than usual.  We had a wonderful dinner last night but it was at a restaurant.  We went to the Olive Garden where I, not a pasta fan, had a hard time finding anything I wanted to eat, but the salad was superb as always and I choose the lasagna as my main course.  Oh my goodness that was absolutely delicious. 
My son and grandson and I all went to Knoxville to look at furniture.  We noticed an almost flat tire while at the first place we went to.  We went to a company that my son had bought the tires from in Charlotte.  This local company of the same name, honored the contract he had.  They said just a few hours..and remember we were walk-ins..drive-ins then.  We walked across the roads and spent time in the big Mall.  We came back after several hours to find that they found the serpentine belt was cracked.  Sigh.  Had to get that and they called everywhere to find one.  Bottom line is..we wound up at that place for 6 hours.
After all that is being done and taken care of today it will be a pleasure to try to catch up with all of you.
Love and hugs and joy,