Bloggers on Spaces Live are so talented and so full of good things.  This is very evident as I make my rounds.  I wanted to write about that as it is so special.

Each blog family member has his or her own specialty and each one blazes like a sun.  I am writing about this because I have once again had the great good pleasure of reading a creation by one of the blog family that was just superb.  That is true of  so many.  The hobbies that we all of us have is another thing to just sit back and wonder at.  Each person who shares their passion with us does it so well in their blog.  And in turn, they create an interest in each of us.  Some so much that we start to want to accomplish the same thing or something close to it.  That is teaching at its best and you never know how your enthusiasm and passion will influence the rest of us.  Perhaps we may try a hobby because of you and write to you of what we have accomplished or showcase it proudly.

Then there are the bloggers who pull at our hearts for one reason or another with the blogs they create having expressions of helping, sorrows or joys.  Or of Faith. They draw us back to their Space over and over again..and we  always know that there will be sustenance and a warm welcome when we arrive on their cyber doorstep. 

Some of our blog family entertain us in many of their blogs.  Many with humor..some with facts.  Always welcomed and always just what we needed to go back to our everyday lives with a smile and we having learned something.

I like the way we all of us get along and seem to act as a team when things go bump or even when things are going well and there is a family celebration going on somewhere with one of us.  There will be all of the other loved bloggers at our cyber party or table..cheering us on or adding to our faith with prayer. 

In my list of blogs I visit most frequently, we most of us chronicle our daily lives or a shining part of the day.  There don’t seem to be too many —I will just call them…"specialty blogs" to coin a phrase, where the topic is always the same..but there are a few.  They too are a joy to read.

We don’t usually show but one gem-like facet of our personality when we blog, but sometimes we do.  Sometimes, as a matter of fact, a blog family member will let it all hang out.  And the rest of us take up those threads they leave for us in their blog, and we work to weave a lovely pattern for them before we leave on our way back to our home…our blog.  It is our way of helping or sharing, don’t you think?

I have learned since 2005 when I started this blog to come to care for many of you as though you were my neighbor friends..and some of you as though you are family.  Amazing how that can sometimes happen in the cyber world. 

I will leave it at that…I was just appreciating each and every one of you.  You are all unique of course and each of you are like drawn gold making up the strong under fabric of my rambling thoughts and many times, my prayer.  Good night and sleep well.

One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever
in debt to those who are kind. -Malayan Proverb