Man, I still have beautiful tall tulips going well out there in the upper flower bed.  However, as I was washing my dishes this morning, I saw a squirrel climbing !!!! one and finally got it down to the ground so he could chew the blossom off.  Why?  It isn’t like he ate what he destroyed.  That’s two he has killed.  I am not a happy camper about that.  They are a pretty view for passers-by and now, not so much.  It isn’t as though they are starving.  The squirrels eat as much of the bird seed as the birds do.


The tyranny of 9 1/2 pounds of cat is real.  That thing was not pleased that other bedroom doors were closed to her as she tried to conduct her nightly patrols to keep me safe.  Hence, she sounded the alarm many times the entire four nights they were here.  AND got me up super early as well despite the fact that I stayed up late talking.  So, when I went to bed last evening it was with burning eyes and I will say here that I didn’t move all night.  All was well with her world as she could come and go as she pleased and so she left me alone till the usual hearlding horn at 0630. I slept from 2230 to 0630.  Ahhhh.  Eight whole uninterrupted hours.


With my grandson. Tyrannical little so and so!


Here is the middle son, swooning after learning he (that means we) had to wait an additional two hours for the car to be serviced.  (the incident I mentioned several days ago where the serpentine belt needed changing and there was a nail in his tire) It was posed, yes, but it hit me funny.  We got thru the entire ordeal pretty well really as there were two people in the waiting room with us that we enjoyed talking to.  Another teacher and a parts deliverer for Hitachi.  Makes time go by more pleasantly.  I like this picture as I can hear a "Oh, the pain!!" emanating from him as though he was actually saying it.  That’s my camera bag next to him. We had to haul the camera and a laptop with us everywhere we went as we couldn’t leave them in the car.  That WAS a pain. 

Other than that, things are back to their usual state and after the pest control person comes by, I am gone for awhile.  Thank you for the comments on my pink dogwood blossom photo that I took yesterday on the way home.  I was going to photograph the entire tree as it was quite lovely but instead, I took a group of two blossoms to show their delicate beauty and how the petals are made.  The flowers are short lived unfortunately so we enjoy the creamy color and the reds and deep pinks while we can.  There is a Dogwood festival on-going right now in Knoxville celebrating their beauty.


R.I.P my friend.  Squirrels outsmarted us all.


Hope it’s a good day for you all.  Ours will be rainy here today and tomorrow at least.  No way the drought has a grip on us now..and yes, before I forget, the tornado(s) that was so devastating in Middle Tennessee did make its way here to our area as well.  However, while it was dark out in the early afternoon, no damages.  I always fear for the house anyway with high winds because of my 90-150 foot tall trees.  Grandson was scared though and stayed on the sofa between the two Titans, consisting of his dad and his uncle.  Hearing the announcer say what parts of town it was supposed to hit didn’t help him any but we had to hear it while we could.  We never did lose power though I had my wind-up battery powered weather radio out.


Do something cool today.  I’ll try to follow my own advice.