Sherry, did I ever say my brother had a girl friend, and a serious one at that, who came from Beloit?
Anyway, I would rather take a whuppin’ than get up on yon treadmill but after this, that’s where I’m going. I can’t even get motivated by the weather as it is cloudy and gray again.  We had two days out of seven last week that were sunny.  None so far this week.
Gilles and Lil Kim are my two choices on DWTS.  Melissa’s routine and performance was a yawner.  NO idea why they got as high a score as they did.  Gilles and Cheryl’s routine was un-inspiring too.  I’m just not enjoying the season as much as other seasons and sorry, but whatisname needs to go..Lawrence is it?  Edyta’s partner?
I have formed a goal this morning.  It occured to me when my feet hit the floor (with a furry person’s assistance and insistance).  I will see how that goal goes.  After it becomes a part of my life, then I will blog about it.
One of the Spaces bloggers, Karin, wrote how she met her spouse.  What a cool idea and I hope others will do the same.  My story is so boring it’s not worthy of a blog.  I was too too too young..needed to be signed for by my father…he was a HAM radio operator (as a hobby) and I wanted to be one, plus he lived on a street that was my maiden name.  Heck.  Let’s get married for goodness sakes!
I wouldn’t be in here in front of the keyboard if I was not avoiding the inevitable in there.  But as I have nothing to say and my tummy isn’t happy (it will pass) I think I will just give up at the typing thing.  I am glad to have caught up with most of you yesterday and by the way, thank you SO very much for the comments and critiques on the pictures.  I know I’m slapping one up after the other and really I need to put them in a separate album instead. 
Where’s the updates to Live  Writer please?  I never installed this of the boys did.  (I’m useless, I’m tellin’ ya) Seems like I need a more updated version as everyone else can do stuff mine won’t as in centering photos.