1.  I am a runt.  5’2" tall..er…short.
2.  I will live and die Dixie.
3.  I play guitar..acoustic..Gibson, concert top. Took lessons as a girl and I also play by ear.
4.  I am a  reader, student and achiever.
5.  History is my favorite topic…Earth or World.
6.  I used to have a red hunting dog as a girl.  We raised him from a 8 week old puppy.  His hair was the same color as mine, and his name was Jack.
7. As a child, I really thought there was a monster under my bed.  Several.  Personally?  I think there still  is.
8.  I used to be a power lifter (no, I was not muscle bound)
9.  I am quite the girly girl believe it or not.  Always was, always will be.  Powder, perfume, high maintenance, etc. & more. All of them  R us.
10.  I am impatient–that will never change.
11.  I took Business Law and wanted to change from Business to Law.  I had 3 babies, I was married, and not able to go to Law school. Deep regret.
12.  I am a wildlife enthusiast.
13.  I am very task oriented.  And very determined. 
14.  I don’t  usually watch television but perhaps three total hours a week.  No, make that four. There are exceptions for major events in the news.
15.  Not a lot scares me.  Seriously.
16.  I am calm handling disturbances/disasters. 
17.  I am a pet parent…she rules me like a pencil drawing a line across a piece of paper. It’s called whipped.
18.  I enjoy my own company always and I can and do find many things to do.
19.  I do not like depending on people and usually won’t.
20.  I am not excitable. (unless it’s a new lens  or something great happens to friends or family. Then it’s celebrate..let’s go"!!)
20 1/2  Man, the cat is snoring loudly!!!  Whew!  I wish I could record it. She’s out in the hallway..guarding me against monsters that might creep out and git me.