I just came back from a Salon.  I had an appt. for this morning at 1000 at the one I have never been happy with after she doused my hair with something that turned it black after making it a bright and fluorescent red  (I am not kidding) and I declared myself unable to leave looking like that.  I guess she showed me!  She turned it black.  I went back again for reasons best left to personal notes individually, not the blog.

I have never been comfortable there due to the personalities of all of them, but the colorist is great.  I thought.  Fast forwarding, my appointment was at 1000.  I showed up and they had me down for a trim.  Not hardly!  She chopped it straight across the last time  and it was way too short in back,,,and I have been fighting trying to make it look half way decent since.

When knowing good and well I was in there for the usual..roots, and she pulled that stunt, I just turned, said see ya and left and went to a girlfriend’ Salon.  They took me as a walk in and let me tell you…I have NEVER EVER come out of any Salon looking this great.  I feel like going to the newspaper and telling them to take a picture and put it in the paper as THE best hair cut etc. ever done in this town.  I had told the new woman that the back of my hair looked like a broom head.  She sort of agreed and said anyone with hair as thick as mine..it should have been layered.  She layered it for me and left the length..OH! MY! WORD!!  Fallin’ down super flat out GORGEOUS if I say so myself.  Oh wow!!!  I was styled with a flat iron..perfect.  With a 20% tip..the tab was $99.00.  Worth every penny as I am a diva about my hair.

Done with the girly stuff.  Oh my hair looks so GOOD!  Hold me BACK!!!