It is a sunny going to be warm day, in the low 70’s.  The  kind of day a lot of things you want to be outdoors for is here and me..I didn’t get to sleep despite going to bed at 2245 until after 0200.  Nope..not her fault.  As a matter of fact, she tried to help settle me by completely enveloping my left arm with herself, curling all 4 around said arm and laying her head on the back of my hand.  With that soft purry mass, you can stand lying there awake much easier she always says.


Meanwhile, I am up and not too lively.  She isn’t either.  She had to tend to me all night long!!


I was at the arboretum when I took that picture of the blossom yesterday and believe it or not..that is a very tall tree just covered with those.  No idea what its name is.  Usually there is a placard telling you the genus of everything.  That one, no.  When I go back, I will go into the office and ask.  I would like to know as well.  there are lots of them down town too, in a small shopping center-like area.  Let me see if I have a picture but if I is probably just a branch.




That is a larger portion of the tree.  I’ll find out the name for us.  I think we just about all of us want to plant one. They are quite a show on their own!


Please note I am showing off that thanks to Jim, I can center the pictures.  Probably everyone and their neighbor told me but he just found the right way to make me know it is Format at the top of the "page" in blue.  Not over in the right hand side.  I can be as dense as a stone sometimes.  OH!  Someone please tell me what "Follow Friday" means in Twitter-speak?  And that # sign I see before a twitter name many times?  What does that signify? I plead my usual ignorance.  One good thing about me, I have no problem saying I don’t know and can you help.  False pride gets you nada.


Well..I have to get myself together with a face on and get out the door to love this sunny and going-to-be-warm day.  Me and Victoria have a date.  We will TRY not to take flower pictures, but we can’t promise.  You know us girls.  But we send (((HUGS)) to you..(hers are crunchy) (mine aren’t)