Well, here I am, Sunday morning, Waiting for Godot.  In other words, I am again, for the 7th time awaiting a tech from Co*cast.  Of course, the title of the blog and my reference in the first sentence have nothing to do with Co*cast.  I just used that because this IS a waiting game..over and over. 
My digital phone service has been giving a problem "hanging up" on clearly half of the calls I get or initiate.  That’s not a good thing as I mentioned at least 6 times in as many blogs.  The problem is not here in the house.  They know what it is..it is out in the node or somewhere in their network.
It’s not the technicians fault and nothing they can do anything about but they and I have to go through the motions.  It’s Co*cast’s fault for not starting all over again and clearing up the problem for me and a few others who have this phone problem by replacing wiring etc out in the field.
Before you ask it..there is no other choice available to me.  No DSL is offered here in my area nor will it be.  There are no other cable companies.  AT&T is so horribly expensive and charge you half of your kingdom to fix a problem..I’m in a dilemma no matter where I go between the two.  Too many trees for satellite, and so on.
Here’s the deal.  I had an adverse reaction to an allergy pill Friday night.  If I had to have called 911 (no, I didn’t call..no need) ..with this intermittant service I may have been hung out to dry.  (I’m better..just had to wait for the pill to wear off) And too, my burglar alarm is hooked up to this digital service.  Neither scenario are very reassuring to me when I think about it never mind the embarrassment of seeming to hang up on business calls and so on.  I could go completely cell..but that doesn’t help the burglar alarm situation. 
Raining today and we need it.  Yesterday was, as you saw from the picture I took standing in my street, a beautiful day, up to 78 degrees and just the stuff dreams are made from when you sit on the new grass, look at the clouds and let your thoughts wander.
The tech is supposed to be here between 8-11..so standing by.