Tonight, for once I voted for Chuck and Julienne,  He did GREAT.  First time I ever thought so.  He hasn’t done a thing for me until tonight.  So, Chuck, Gilles and Melissa and Kim..all just excellent.  The only exciting dances to me though, were Melissa’s and Chucks.  The rest were just something to get through.  Even if they were well done..I like the Latin dances and sometimes the waltz.  That Argentine Tango just gets my full attention every time.  I am glad they included that.  No idea who will win.

I did the car thing that RU Serious requested.  Hope he got a chance to see it, ’cause it’s outta here by tomorrow.  But I vote for Karin’s three.  I am still smiling over them and her in them.

I have had a busy day but I managed to get to see who came to see me for the most part and a few extra besides.  See you tomorrow.  Sleep well..dream sweet things.