"Sunny day…….."  I can hear the theme music to Sesame Street in my mind if I try after listening to multiple multiple episodes with each son.  I rather liked them in a way just as I did Mr. Rogers and The Electric Company.  We are having a sunny and extremely windy day today.  I about had the hair blown off my head every time I stepped from a building or my car.  Oh, and while the stylist did a super fantastic job on my hair the other day, my first day with her, I cannot duplicate what she did, so it’s same old same old in a way, until I go back again.  She styled it with a flat iron which is something I am not good at at all.  BUT I DO have that great haircut she gave me. 

I have fallen behind in my 365 contest pictures.  It’s been raining and raining, so that put a crimp in it.  I may find just a simple household thing again to keep up my obligation.

There is a political (local) rally tonight.   I may go.  I support the candidate.  It will be in about two hours.  There are several other things that may keep me from going.  Oh and I finally went back to Weight Watchers after a 4 month absence.  I lost 2.5 pounds in those 4 months absence.  I figured I gained 10 so I was amazed to see it was the same near about.  They sent a card saying no re-registration fee.  Otherwise I would not have gone.  I never did think that was a good thing to force someone to re-pay the same fee over and over if circumstances kept you away from the meetings.

Good grief…you have never heard such trilling and "singing" as I am being treated to by Miss Catt.  She wants my undivided attention of course.

OK What’s for supper?  Every one over to Beth Marie’s house!  Dibs on the chair by the window!!