Nothing quite beats the good feeling of getting on the treadmill though you don’t feel good, and getting off later feeling 100% better.  This week has not been one of my better ones which is all that need be said.  But though I felt I couldn’t make it 50 steps in a warm up..I did and more.
Here is something of mine that defines how I have been doing for a week.  I have had that mug for a good 10 years.
  I felt so good today though that Victoria and I went out to a nearby park.  Times have changed when it comes to that sort of thing.  The camera is large and the lens is heavy so I carry it in my hands when we go out looking for things to photograph.  It is too heavy to suspend the whole operation from the strap off my neck.  And the lens is heavy and needs support at the place it is joined to the camera body.  Oh, believe me..I hear all those cyber voices coming at me even as I type… "That’s why I love my point and shoot.  Carry it in a purse or worries".  All true.  Each person has to decide what is the most important to them individually and know the differences.
I went to lower weights now as I am starting again where I was forced to leave off lifting them due to injuring my shoulder with triceps and too heavy weight a month or so ago and..this is what did it..improper form.  That was the biggest issue.  Taught me. 
I’ll leave you with some sweeties I saw, which precipitated my title this morning..they were waiting for me as I neared my vehicle on the way out of the park.