Another fabulous sunny gift of a day for us.  This weekend it is supposed to get in the mid 80’s.  At least NOW I can open my windows.
I got off the treadmill..did my modified weights (till my shoulder is healed) and here I am.  Then, me and Victoria will head out again.  I messed up royally yesterday with ALL of my pictures.  Including the buttercups.  I had to crop out those two that I showed you because the rest were just as severely over exposed as the ones I showed you and what’s more, due to the poor aperture I set, a little not in focus.  Nothing turned out well..all my problem for not going to a higher f stop.  You can’t tell either out there trying to see those screens.  Too much ambient light.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  Today’s is not exciting or particularly well done..just it is meaningful to me.  I was doing my weights a little while ago and saw the strong sunbeams pouring in and making the Christmas cactus’s leaves translucent.  I could not capture that.  I don’t have the skill or knowledge.  However..for me, it was a good picture in that seeing the sight of the sun pouring in and bathing the leaves of the plants with glow..makes me smile and be grateful every single time..unfailingly.  What is not to love?  As always, click on the picture and you’ll see the translucent quality without the muddle blog color interfering.