Beth Marie blogged about her first Spaces friend today as did a few others on the comments.  I thought I would re-live that a little bit today.
When I started with Spaces Live, I reminded myself many times that it was a good thing that the blog was actually a family journal for the three sons.  If that was not so, I would have really despaired because NO one came to see me at ALL.  If I had more than 10 hits in a week, I was amazed.  Once in a blue moon there would be a strange URL..I would click and it was one of the very VERY young folk with all the curly cues and fancy symbols and odd font.  They were very frankly landing on me by mistake and I learned there would be no return visit. 
One day, months after I started, a woman in her late 20’s I believe, left me a charming first!  She said she detested "lurking" and she wanted me to know she had been by, and that she had enjoyed the blog and would be back.  She kept that promise and then..she urged me to go see her mom’s blog as well as some other adults who were her mom’s friends.  I believe she felt sorry for me with no friends at all for so long.  That was the start of having someone..some bounce off of.  Then there was the usual getting to know one another’s personalities, much as you can in the cyberworld..and making adjustments.  I have long lost track of the woman who took mercy on me..I wish that was not so.  She was funny and she had a strong personality..and she had an unusual occupation for a woman, just as I have always had..hers however was construction.  S.,  I miss knowing about your days.  I hope one day to run across you again.  Not knowing your real name hampers my effort.  You know where I am. All of the first 9 Friends are long gone.  There is only one now that I became friends with then, that I still am.  None other than Beth Marie.
Today, the house smells good.  You know who is coming over this evening so I am cooking.  He’s having the taco dish again though. 
I feel 100% better yesterday thru to this minute.  I had quite a bug or something like that going on.  Pretty miserable going for a few weeks but it’s over.  Yippee!
By the way, I am jonesing for Campbell’s bean with bacon soup.  I have had a can a day for lunch all week long and the past weekend too. 
Who’s up for refrigerator cleaning?  Volunteers?  Hm?  You?  No? 
Pimp your coffee mug!