The day before yesterday I learned that a juvenile eagle had been shot over in Cumberland County.  That is about an hour or so away.  I didn’t know until last night that his life was saved in that he was found and now he is in a wildlife refuge where he is getting treatment for his wings.  he would never be able to fly.  He’s just a youngster and still in his juvenile plumage.  Someone shot him with a shotgun.  ANY one who takes an innocent life for no reason other than the fun of killing needs to be  severely punished.  I could write paragraphs here because I am outraged, but I will not.  You don’t want to read it and this is probably more than enough for you.  But this is the second eagle that someone has shot since February in the same location.  There is a $5000.00 reward for information leading to arrest. 
On the brighter side, he was being held up against a caretakers chest and his feet were close in size to that man’s hand. And his talons were as long as my fingers. And that face…what an expression!!  He is so large he took up all of the caretakers chest area.  I was thrilled. to see him.
Well, supper last night was a taco casserole with fruit for dessert.  This morning, he is having biscuits, eggs, bacon and coffee.  No hash browns.  Call me lazy.
He’ll take home 18 home made meatballs for the next spaghetti dinner he makes.
Yesterday was the day that an amazing number of people cut in front of me for no apparent reason other than they could.  Two scared me some as they seemed almost about to shave the paint on the right front fender.  And the one that pi**ed me off the most was an old lady yesterday afternoon in the Big City..shooting out of a parking lot from between parked cars right in front of me.  She swerved her way against the opposing traffic and what was she doing?  Talking on a cell phone and NO glances toward me or anyone else she scared the hair off their heads!!!  I’m not perfect, I have talked on one too..hands free and on the Interstate.  But when I am in serious traffic, no.
The furry one..the President and Premier is in there watching Nature TV.  The squirrels and birds are an excellent ever-changing channels show for her.  I bet I will go in there and find her on her back..feet in the air, arms over her chest..sleeping.  Wait….is that me?
I loved the coffee cups yesterday and I hope the rest of you will show us yours…coffee cups I mean.