I called for the 9th time and they sent a technician here for the 9th time.  There is just nothing left to be done but one thing.  He examined the phone lines, the jacks and so on.  All new jacks..new wiring here and there..the burglar alarm system tested again by ADT and so far, good to go but you know how that has been.  I don’t report it to you each day but up to now, each day has had at east one call in it that is dropped.  Next step he said, if it continues is re-wire completely.  I will say that without exception, the persons in the call center and even more importantly each and every man they have sent out here has been polite, personable, very professional and very knowledgeable.  It’s just that it is so hard to track the problem down.  So..let’s see what happens this time.
I did the duck walk around that upper flower bed again.  Oh, my inner thighs (Paul..don’t you start) felt like a quivering mass for about 3, 4 minutes.  They easily got over it after then and I am glad that’s done again.  I see black spot already on one of the roses and for pete sakes, powdery mildew too.
Thank you so much for comments on the azalea bloom.  I had come back yesterday and saw them glowing, ran for the camera and hoped you would like them.  Not sure what if anything I will do today.  Polly and I seem to be the only ones submitting these days.
I got my brand new iPod Nano today.  I had him engraved with my name and city.  He’s been filled up with what was on the other iPod and there’s room for more..so..standing by.
Not only am I craving bean with bacon soup (still) but..graham crackers.  Can’t get enough.  Not a very balanced diet but then, my diet rarely is.  Going to Greg’s house..he has pancakes and Starbucks.  And a baby grand daughter to play beside.  🙂 
I’m drinking root beer.  *HIC*  Ooops..wrong beer..anyway,  Miss Catt is lounging in the doorway, not on her back for once!  And I am waiting on the guy to mow.  I have never seen a lawn get so high in a week and 2 days.  Tomorrow is Weight Watchers..I’ll let you know how that went and oh yes…when the tech showed up at the house for the phone problems..I had no idea he was going to be here.  He caught me on the treadmill..sweating and no make up..hair in a stubby pretend pony tail sticking out like a knob in the back of my head (short hair now) how embarrassing.  Of course, he could care less..it was only me who felt awkward. 
OK.  Been around to some of you today already..still making rounds to who came to see me.