No, not the soap opera but one  of the things that is happening now is really worrisome.  I am speaking of Swine flu.  One can keeps ones hands pristine (or try to) but the virus is airborne.  Breathing through our noses and not letting our mouths gape open while we breathe may be of some small help.  But being nearby to someone with the virus just about guarantees the spread of it.  However..not being a doctor, I guess no more should be said of my little opinion.
Things really do seem to be coming to a pass in this Country.  I’m sure no one wants my opinion on that either, so I will leave it at that simple statement.
I downloaded three episodes of one of my favorite TV series onto my new iPod.  Now, I have something to watch while I wait for appointments of any, professional, you name it..I’m ready.  🙂  I also found a CD of rock music..from the 80’s.  I have downloaded it on to the iPod also.  I had to leave this morning so I did not get my treadmilling in and that reminded me about what was awful yesterday for my ego. While up on the treadmill I saw the technician through the big window,  going around to the back of the house..the only way I knew anyone was here.  Couldn’t hear anyone at the door as the treadmill was grinding and I had music going.  But to have to go to the door right in the middle of the whole exercise thing..embarrassing.  As several said yesterday. there went the whole diva thing.  The entire time he was here..about an hour and a half, I was closing the barn door after the horse escaped but combing my hair..putting on some makeup just to get me by. 
 So far, so good on the phone.  To those who wonder why I don’t change..I can’t unless I go back to AT&T. After what I went thru with them, I would rather not if I can avoid it.  So as long as I can see Comcast is truly trying to fix the problem, and they are..I will try to bear with it as long as I am able.  Yesterday, there were no dropped calls and none so far today.
It is a beautiful crystal clear and sunny day so I am gone for awhile.  I hope it’s a good day for all of you. 
 The question is…what store chain is about guaranteed to have embroidery floss?  I can NOT find any and what I found on eBay was ridiculously high in my opinion.
At least if I buy it locally I don’t have to pay shipping.