I’m just a member of the family…

Anyway, I just got off the treadmill.  My reward is marking the times and effort involved in a little pad.  That pad has been written on both sides, line by line for 3 years.I may have to get another.  It really is a reward to me.  I can’t touch the pad unless I work for the honor.  I am stalling until I do the weights.  Light ones so I don’t re-injure my shoulder joint again.

I have some things that need doing away from here so I need to get cracking and wash up..do the face and hair thing and prepare for my audience and you know me..I’ll have one whether they like it or not. 

The temps have dropped.  No more near 90 for the time being and apparently it will rain off and on all the way thru to next Tuesday. That happens every other week…days and days of showers and consequently, no sun even if it isn’t constantly raining. 

I decided to take a leaf from Beth Marie’s blog picture she just posted and use one of my sun catchers as my picture of the day.  Three guesses what that one will be?  I have several sun catchers but this is small and should be easily captured.  Matter of fact, I may do two.

If this isn’t a good day for you, come on over…I’ll make it better with my repertoire of jokes and some brownies to go..


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