The article I want to scan for you or type up for you does not have a copywrite sign on it..however..that doesn’t mean I have free reign to put it in my blog even though I am always careful to give credit.  Does anyone know if I can scan the article to put in the blog and give the author credit or not?  The magazine is not in general is a specialty magazine or I would say go buy it.

The other thing I wanted to point out today is a hint regarding personal hygiene.  I have always, for years now, carried alcohol soaked cotton balls or cotton squares back before they had antiseptic wipes, to wipe off grocery store and Wal-Mart carts. Now of course I carry the antiseptic wipes.  I have had plenty of "looks" and rolled eyes all these years, but I am the one who might get a cold every 5 years. So he or she who laughs last, laughs and rolls her eyes best..or something to that effect.

  Here is something I have blogged about several times before so for what it’s worth I will blog about it again.  Don’t let your careful cleaning of the cart handle be all you do.  Remember, the same hands that held that handle before you got ot it also opened  freezer doors in the store.  I always use a wipe or a tissue to open doors so my bare hands don’t touch them. You’ll contaminate your hands again after cleaning the handle by picking up whatever was deposited on the freezer door handles before you got there.  I use my sleeve or a tissue to turn door knobs.  Laugh at me if you want to or roll your cyber eyes..I just know that I have not got whatever was left on the knobs, doors and so on, on me.  Or at least it’s weakened. If I am out of tissues, wipes, etc. than so be it, but I wash my hands even more thoroughly when I get home.  And I stay remarkably well considering all.  The advice is yours if you want it, or just go on doing  whatever it is you do.
To the curious if any, no, I don’t do this hand cleaning thing in friends or relatives homes.  I only do it in the general public areas where I have to handle things.   I feel like if we are in and out of one another’s homes and at the table with them..theirs and my germs are kissin’ cousins and I need not worry.  Only general public places are what I  am concerned about.

The picture of the day yesterday was an experiment as well as serving
as the picture of the day.  I was told by my son to try something
different with my zoom lens and it worked.  I have one more today but
it is not a picture of the day.  That seems to have ceased.

I am going to get to see the new Star Trek movie this Saturday
before it’s release.  One of the boys has 4 passes.  We will all be there!  We are all rabid fans of all forms of Star Trek.

Live long and prosper.

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