I was reading Jo Ann’s blog this morning and it took me back to a particular time when I was just 8 to 9 years old.
I didn’t get to see May Pole dances or be in one but reading her memory brought a lot of them surging into my mind.  As for instance, my diva Aunt’s on my mothers side were just that..Diva’s. They were beautiful women..I have the pictures to prove it.  My Aunt V looked like Ava Gardner..no joke and my Aunt H looked like Susan Hayward.  We are all of us redheads…Mother too..so that was kinda cool..but I digress.  When ever I went to see my Aunt’s back home in Va., they always let me eat anything I wanted and always let me play in the jewelry boxes they both had in their homes..and let me take those pieces that I wanted.  Looking back, I bet they had boxes set up especially for my visits.
I remember I always asked for and got cherry preserves.  They just took the jar out,  whichever home I was visiting,handed me a knife and let me go for it all!  LOVED that.  But better still was putting on all that jewelry and spritzing myself generously with perfume.  My gosh, and I wore their pretty lacy slips as an evening gown..draped myself with all the necklaces my little neck could hold..tried to wear earrings unsuccessfully..but got the bracelets on both arms..no rings were available but I had some from the dime store that were gen-u-wine ruby and gen-u-wine sapphires!!! So I wore those.  AND their high heels of course.  Oh, what a Queen I was…so bee-yoo-tee-ful and so grand.  I would parade up and down the front of the house on the side walk (they would not allow me away from the property line) to make sure all the passers-by saw me.  I knew I was gorgeous because I got SO many smiles!!!  I’m sure the lipstick and blush I ladled on helped.
I got to take an "evening gown" home with me..and lots of jewelry.  Oh..I was the envy of the other girls on the playground because on pretty days I would wear it all, just not the slip..daddy said no…and show off. 
Oh the wonderful fun memories.  Thank you Jo Ann.  (((HUGS)))