Well, I got to see the new Star Trek movie on Saturday..and by the way I was surprised that they had four people there marking down the gender and approximate age of the movie goers. One of the boys was even asked what he thought of the movie.  I wish they had asked me too.  There were not too many of us in the theatre..about 100 people that had been invited. 
I am here to say, they got it right.  I am a hard core Star Trek fan..that includes the old series, the New Generation, DS9, and Voyager.  I did not like the one called Enterprise that was made with Scott Bakula as the Captain.  I like him in all his roles previous to that one.  He stank as a Captain.  Even his (Bakula) voice was all wrong.  However, be that as it may, this movie was great!  If a hard core fan as myself can like it what with a new person (of course) playing Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lt. Uhura, Bones, Sulu and Chechoff…(spelling) then you know it has to be good.  And it was.  It was simply terrific.  Jade, if you read this, you have a treat coming when you go.  There were surprises..delightful ones and things to discuss and think over, 
Found out through a friend who has a cat too that Miss Catt may have a thyroid problem.  She has continued to drink too much water..and there is one behavioral change which I have blogged about, that being her hollering and going on making announcements each time she goes to take a drink.  I told the Vet about it on Friday and he suggested a thyroid test.  She has had her baseline thorough blood analysis and urinalysis and each was as if she was a kitten they were so good.  However, the behaviors continue.  He said that if she was going to have a problem, this is the one to have as they can treat this problem.  All other causes have been ruled out.  So now I have to trick her into the carrier.  With her not sleeping on my bed as much, ain’t gonna be as easy as it was.   I was able to go snuggle her up in my arms from her sleep on the bed, walk slowly down the hallway and suddenly put her in the carrier.  If I have to scoop her up from the floor she’ll have more time to get away from me.  Wish I had a transporter beam. 
Meanwhile, I need to do a few things and them I will try to get around to some of you and check on you.  (((HUGS)))