Little Missy diva cat here said not to worry.  She had her baseline blood chemistry done two months or so ago and everything BUT a thyroid test.  I feel like it’s her thyroid.  I told the Dr. that when I bring her in and if we determine that it requires pills, me’n’her are headed for the hills because I will never get pills down her despite the need to do it.  He said never fear as they had their own pharmacist and the medicine is a liquid that is chicken flavored..that cats tolerate it well.  He also assured me that if she had to have a problem, this is the one to have as it can be treated where the heart breaking ones such as kidney problems cannot.  But she asked me to tell you that she and I appreciated the sweet thoughts for her welfare. of you git over here and help me trick her into the carrier.
We had a week of rain last was said that the rain would end for the weekend and it certainly did not.  And, there was a tornado a few Counties over, heavy rain here and it must have really poured during the night and there were high winds.  I was sleeping heavily enough that this time I did not awaken.  I saw branches lying on the ground everywhere  when I looked out the door this morning so I missed it all. 
I only got 3 outdoors pictures this weekend and they are not bright as they were taken between rain storms.  I have some from inside a home but that would not be of any interest to you, so they will stay right here with me. 
I mentioned in older blogs that one of my sons is a Fulbright scholar..well, he is getting geared up to apply to leave the County again for one of his three Countries he has requested.  He would teach abroad that year and someone in that Country would take his place here in his school.  We will see what happens.  Meanwhile, he and my youngest son are making their plan to go back to Europe again during my middle boy’s break from teaching.  Just a couple of weeks. The Greece-Turkey and other areas I can’t recall the name of, went so well  last time that I think they may be headed for the middle parts of Europe again.  Who knows..they’re still in the planning stages.  They save their pennies for these trips.  And that reminds me I myself need a new passport. May as well take the opportunity while it’s fresh on my mind to apply again. No..I won’t go with them.   No one wants mom know that.  🙂
OK  Time to get ready for the day.  I’ve been making my rounds.