It was not very nice having to get her into the carrier this morning.  I felt like a mean person going along behind her every step but I finally got her scooped up and in and down to the Vet’s office.  We got there early as for me, it’s when I can get her in my arms, not what the clock says. 

She had her nails cut and her allergy shot and then, blood was drawn from her back leg.  She was upset with that and, it hurt her.  He came back 20 or so minutes later and showed me the profile which was, strangely, nonsensical.  He had called the Lab and discussed it with them prior to coming in to us in the examining room and they also had never seen such results.  So the only thing to be done was draw blood again from the poor girl and this time, from her neck.  I asked that they take her in back as I couldn’t deal with seeing her in pain from the process. 

The blood is being spun up as I write and he hopes to call me today with the result and a course of treatment.  Her first test may have been that way because the thyroid level is so high.  This last test should tell the story.  I haven’t paid yet because I will be back there without her, tomorrow.  Then I will.  Have to pick up her medicine what ever it is.  So all day today she will be hunkered over the water bowl and in her litterbox a lot plus calling me occasionally in the night (her behavior is a little affected and he said that happens n some with thyroid disease.  Hopefully, relief is on its way.  But it will happen tomorrow for she must get through again. 

Thanks for caring about her.  That is meaningful to me.

UPDATE!  He called and said she was off the charts, she was that high.  So I go in today, 1330 for her meds and to see him.  It will take a good 6 weeks to see improvement he said. Glad he told me.  WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the better thing to have wrong if something had to be wrong.