The National Weather Service has issued a
TORNADO WARNING for Campbell, Claiborne, and Union counties until 6:45 p.m.

 I cut and pasted this from the  warning we had last evening.  None got to here where I am this time. We just had the severe thunderstorms and winds.  Around here with my trees….who needs that?

Sigh.  This area is tornado alley now.  It seems to have been working its way toward that title for the past ten years.  For a mountain area, that seems ridiculous but there it is..tornadoes every year and believe it or the winter last time.  WINTER for pity sakes. 

Anyone, including lurkers, out there with a hyperthyroid cat, please?  If so, please send me a private message.

So far, we are still getting a couple of hours per day without driving rain or showers.  But each day for 2 weeks can be truthfully called a rainy day.  Yesterday we had a few hours of cloudy sun until the tornado and severe thunderstorms started.  I know a lot of the blogging family also had similar weather.  It was an eventful night for many of us I saw as I traveled around the blog homes.

If I seem more serious this last week..hang with me.  Nothing lasts forever and I am trying to manage and her not taking her medicine no matter what I do and one another thing as well.  It’ll all work out in the way that it should..I have faith that it will.

Well, the morning waits for me to get into it and make things happen.  I hope it’s a good day for each of you..I want it to be,  and while I’m at it, I hope it is for me too.

PS The tuna juice ploy worked tonight.  Got a dose down her.